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Hydrate Facial

£75 – (60 mins)

An active treatment for dehydrated skin, compromised by biological and environmental stress, exposure to sun and extreme weather conditions. Encourages deeply hydrated, extremely smooth and compact skin.
Purify Facial

Pure Performance – £75 (60 mins)

A deep cleansing treatment to remove impurities, re balance excessive oil production and leave the skin with a matt finish.
Renew/Nourish Facial

Anti-Age Performance –£75 (60 mins)

An active facial treatment to combat wrinkles and expression lines and encourage cellular turnover. The skin is left feeling rejuvenated and revitalised.
De-Stress Body

Total Body Performance –£90 (75 mins)

A complete body massage using powerful essential oils and luxurious massage movements to provide a powerful ritual. Aching
muscles and tension are reduced, restoring energy to mind, body and soul.

Upper Body Performance – £100 (90 mins)

A therapeutic and nourishing treatment including an intensive back, neck and shoulder massage, a
deeply relaxing scalp massage and a skin soothing facial.


Back Waxing





Back & Chest




*For 24 hours- 48 hours please avoid the use of sun beds or sunbathing, avoid tight/restrictive clothing, swimming, hot baths/showers, perfumed soaps and body lotions.