Skin Regimen

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Whilst we can’t change our genes, we can alter our lifestyle to protect the longevity of our skin, body and mind.” Dr. Claudia Aguirre.
A totally unique and modern approach to skin care, clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress and lifestyle aging. The synergy of Qigong and rolling roulage massage, the Macro Waves sound and the natural aroma recharges both the skin and the mind. Customizable facials with a selection of boosters, suitable for both men and women concerned with stressed, dull and aging skin.
Longevity Detox Facial

Longevity Detox Facial – £90 – 75 mins

A rejuvenating and detoxing treatment using a combination of AHA’s and the unique / skin regimen / charcoal detox mask to remove 84% of impurities from the skin and increase hydration up to 74.6%.
Urban Detox Facial

Urban Detox Facial – £75 – 60 mins

The perfect antidote for everyone to detox the skin from pollution and to specifically fight imperfections and the effects of stress on the skin. The distinctive / skin regimen / peel off mask with chlorella and plant based charcoal captures impurities and facilitates their removal, along with white Ginseng root, effectively rebalancing and energizing the skin.
Longevity Facial

Longevity Facial – £75 – 60 mins

A facial designed to counteract the effects of stress, pollution and modern fatigue. This rejuvenating facial, incorporating the rolling roulage massage techniques, promotes skin regeneration, using AHA’s in a gentle yet effective peel whilst also providing a thorough exfoliation.
Urban Glow Express Facial

Urban Glow Express Facial – £40 – 30 mins

Ideal to rejuvenate a stressed skin and contrast accelerated aging. The efficacy of a professional peel with 45% AHA’s and targeted customizable boosters deliver a glowing and brighter complexion. Suitable for all skin types, especially in case of dullness. The perfect solution for someone with a busy schedule.
Alternatively, substitute the AHA peel for the peel-off charcoal detox mask for an extra £10.
Anti-Oxident Repair

Anti-Oxident Repair £75 (60 minutes)